Citywide Hybrid Simulation for Thane is First of its kind project in India, Which helped city in taking concrete decision on the future demand assessment of Traffic and Transport Infrastructure. The platform used to develop this model was AIMSUN. Aimsun is traffic modelling software that allows you to model anything from a single bus lane to an entire region. Aimsun stands out for the exceptionally high speed of its simulations and for fusing travel demand modelling, static and dynamic traffic assignment with mesoscopic, microscopic and hybrid simulation – all within a single application.

Outcomes of Study

  • Up-to-date Database of all city wide parameters relevant to traffic and transportation
  • Evaluate and Optimize Solution to Major Traffic problems. Ensured solutions in one part of the city do not create problems elsewhere
  • Test and Recommend improvements in PT (Public Transport) & other MRTS (Mass Rapid Transit System) alternatives
  • Assess and Validate Recommended Medium and Long Term Solution of IMP and CTS (BRTS(Bus Rapid Transit System), MRTS (Mass Rapid Transit System), LRTS (Light Rail Transit System)
  • Optimized Control System & Traffic Management measures
  • Formulated framework for evaluating traffic impact of all future real-estate, infrastructure and traffic & transportation measures